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    time:2019-10-10 13:22:02

    The roof of Haining natatorium adopts space truss structure (see figure 2). The main truss span is 61.2m, the opening is 7.5m, and the inverted triangle truss is adopted. The upper chord is two 273mm x 14mm, the lower chord is one 325mm x 14mm. Four times of truss are arranged longitudinally. The R-axis is supported by fixed hinges, the C-axis is supported by elastic tear movable supports, and the center of the support is the upper chord. The elevation is 18.130m, and the material is all Q345B hot-car seamless steel pipe. The manufacture and installation of any steel structure requires a team of high-quality technicians. Deepening the design department is the core. The quality of detailed drawings will directly affect the manufacturing, procurement, quality inspection and other departments, and even have a significant impact on the duration of the project. The main task of deepening design is to further draw the steel structure construction drawings proposed by the construction engineer and the engineering engineer to make detailed installation drawings. The work mainly includes the deepening design of connection joints and the workshop processing drawings. Installation layout, parts drawing, material list, layout board, etc. may vary with the requirements of the project.

    Detailed drawings must contain the necessary data and instructions for manufacturing. Designers can design all the rods by drawing, line, dimension and annotation of cutting, punching, mule bolt, weld and other manufacturing requirements 2.1 rod detail drawing. All the rods are 1:1 to establish a computer three-dimensional entity model, and determine their spatial interweaving situation by using the intersecting surface cutting program corresponding to the supervisor to enter the node number, the supervisor and the branch. The pipe number, the corresponding section type, geometric characteristic parameters and quantity, etc. form the computer data file for workshop processing, and compile the data tables of the length and geometric characteristic value of the intersecting section after cutting, for the quality inspection department to check the quality of the bar processing. 2.2 Detailed design of joints is based on the specifications of the steel construction country and the existing building house. The design principle is to simplify and unify the joints as much as possible to facilitate the production and installation of the factory under the premise of ensuring the safety of the structure and reasonable stress. 2.2.1 The main truss of this project has a span of 61.2m. Due to the limitation of steel pipe length and transportation, it is necessary to connect the chord and truss.

    Firstly, according to the characteristics of joints being added as a whole and in combination with the construction site, the main truss is located in different sections. Fig. 4 is based on the principle of avoiding welding stress concentration and reasonable structural stress. The joint method must satisfy (1) when the straight welded pipe is butted, the direct welds between the two are made. Rotate 90 degrees or longer than 300 mm, as shown in Fig. 5 (2) The length of butt joint of steel pipe is more than 1000 mm and the diameter of steel pipe is greater than or equal to, and the butt joint of chord bar should not be located at the joint, and the butt joint should not be staggered with branch pipe for more than 100 mm, as shown in Fig. 7 (4) The butt joint is a first-grade full-melt weld. All the projects use seamless hot rolling. Pipe, comprehensive fabrication and construction considerations, as shown in Figure 8.

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